a literary magazine about money, work, & class


Prolit Magazine is a journal that sets out to recognize, interrogate, and resist capitalism’s influence on contemporary art and literature, and to create a space for people to both discuss the realities of its oppression and to imagine better futures in its wake.

Submissions of poetry, prose, art, and photography that deal in some way with money, work, class, or capitalism are welcome during open submission periods, especially from people often underrepresented in artistic communities due to economic factors, including but not limited to working class & poor people, those affected by generational poverty or from under-served communities, artists and writers with day jobs, and those without MFAs or institutional connections.

Prolit is committed to never having financial barriers for readers looking to access the magazine’s content while also acknowledging that contributors deserve to be compensated for their work. Contributors will be paid according to the fundraising success of the magazine’s Patreon page. Read more and consider donating if you have the means through the link below.



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Prolit Magazine was founded by and is edited by Patrick Blagrave.