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Dear Voter,

Thank you voter, for being
a voter because of our country.

Please your calendar - this is the date! We are
your people for
this unpaid neighborhood.
We would like to help use you.

I’m writing because Election Day is
fast approaching, and from what we see,
this election is going to vote
in determining who will be the thousands of
neighbors, friends, and family to
make working more a tomorrow for everyone.
You will vote before work, during lunch, or
after work. It’s important not to schedule it into your day.
You will work. You will vote.
Make sure
you vote.
Our vote
—your vote—
can join thousands of other voters
and make sure state records confirm your location.
I know I can count on you to
fulfill your civic duty and vote.

Thank voter!

Barack Obama

P.S. Here is how you can reach us:

Philip Mittereder

Philip Mittereder is a writer and musician residing in Phila, PA—author of two books of poetry: Casual Marginalia and Blue Detour (TBA, searching for a press), founding/executive editor of Mad House Publications. Last name rhymes with refrigerator.