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Your Life Isn't To Serve Them or Be Served.
Go Out and Earn It Or Learn Shit but Not Full Time.
Students + Scholars Always Rifling Thru Dimes and Pocket Change
Saying They'll Make A Change Once That Degree Comes,
But None of That Matters Compared to Green Ones
Covered In The Unknown Bacteria of My Pocket.

I Prefer Knowledge to Money
But I'm Lazy and Need To Give Time To What Pays Me
Right Now. Can't Wait On Maybes Or To Find What Job'll
Define How Things Go For Me.

I Serve Them From My Entry-Level Filter on Indeed,
I Serve Them Who Turn Blind Eyes In Greed,
Apathetic Towards Any Needs We Fight To Resolve -
We Work For Houses We Can't Relax In.

You're Served At The Front Door.
Your Property Means More Than Anything That Seems Poor.
You're Shook At The Ones on Foot Blowing Right Past
Your Luxury Car,
You Stare From Afar and Share Bizzare Sentiments That
Don't Add Up with Personal Regimen

Spare Me Your Whole Foods Activism.
Buy My Daughter Glasses
Buy That Little Boy a Jacket.
20 Dollar an Hour Yoga Classes Won't Save You.
Serve Your Servers, Overtip Us.

Corey Qureshi

Corey Qureshi is a queer writer based in Philadelphia. Their work is featured or forthcoming in Whatever Keeps The Lights On, FIVE2ONE, CLÆR MAG and The Imagoes Anthology. They also run Café Con Leche Press (@cafeconlechepress) with their partner. You can find bits of their day on twitter @q_boxo.